Illuminations V1.49
OS uploaded without an error and I can set time and date.
I am getting these codes in the log when uploading a program.
(RX) IODL2 BAD Err : 0000 0506
(Rx) L232>
###FileUpLoad(C:\Program Files (x86)\Lutron\Illumination\NonBeta\Drivers\Temp\ker nel.dsp) Err Received(-3)
(Tx) iodl2, 0, 3, 0

I have no problem uploading the V1.49 OS via the RS232 Port 3

Does anyone know what this code is referring to? To me it looks like [I/O Driver Link 2 Bad] But the [0000 0506] must also mean something.
The upload stops waiting for an acknowledgement after uploading the kernel.dsp.

I'm looking for a particular component involved that has failed.
Thanks, Jon