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Thread: Sharing a trigger input into an HQWD-W6BRL ?

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    Question Sharing a trigger input into an HQWD-W6BRL ?

    Hi all,
    I have a Cartell driveway system that triggers a driveway lighting scene via its output relay that goes to the inputs on the back of an HQWD-W6BRL. That works fine. Now I want to also use the same relay output to also trigger a chime on my Yamaha musicCast system. When I just connect the trigger wire to both the Lutron unit and the musicCast system, it triggers the chime and programmed scene once, but then does not reset. Either system (Lutron or musicCast) when hooked up alone resets just fine and can retrigger. Any suggestions how to solve? It seems like maybe there is the need for some resistor in the circuit somewhere to help that retrigger. Any help or advice is appreciated!

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    In this instance, the output voltage may not be sufficient to trigger both inputs. In this instance, having the driveway system trigger a DPDT relay and then wiring the inputs to that relay's outputs will likely resolve the issue.

    We hope this sheds some light.

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