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Thread: LQSE-4A controlling MLV loads - Flickering

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    LQSE-4A controlling MLV loads - Flickering

    i've used the LQSE-4A-D with some MLV. When i lower the level about 35% it makes the load flicker, but when i lower it again to 15% - 20% flicker is stop, and when i make it 100% flicker is also stop.
    whether the problem is in the load or dimmer ?

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    Hi Stevi - I've moved your post off to a new thread as this may not relate to minimum load issues.

    First, I would recommend confirming these transformers are truly forward-phase devices. If so, change the "Phase Control" to "Forward" in the "design loads" area of the HomeWorks QS project file (if it's not already set this way). This forces the adaptive output of the LQSE-4A module into forward phase control for MLV transformers and eliminates any possibility the output is controlling the circuit as a reverse phase load. You may need to reveal the column in the "design loads" screen by clicking the "Customize Columns" link at the top-right. Be sure to transfer to the system after making this change before testing.

    If the issue persists...I have some follow-up questions below:

    1. What type of bulbs are connected to the MLV transformers in question? LED? Do you have the make/model?
    2. Are there multiple types of MLV transformers/bulbs controlled by LQSE-4A outputs that exhibit the issue?
    3. Have you tried controlling another load type on the same LQSE-4A outputs in question to see if the new load dims correctly?
    4. Have you tried to control the load on another known-working forward-phase dimmer that is not an LQSE-4A?

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    1. the bulbs is Osram LED, i forget the model.
    2. No, there is only MLV transformer controlled by LQSE-4A.
    3. yes, i've tried to controlled ELV with the same LQSE-4A and its dims correctly.
    4. no, i've never tried it before.

    and for information, the flicker is only happen in 2 bulbs in one zone not all of bulbs in the zone. i've tried to change the bulbs with the new one, but it still flickering.

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    This issue maybe caused by the MLV tranformer in these 2 fixtures. If you swap the MLV transformers does the issue remain with this fixtures?

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    thanks Lutron, my problem is solved. i've try to changed the transformer but the fixtures still flicker so i try to change the bulb with other bulb (philips) and flickering is stop.

    i do same experiment in MLV, one zone i use LED osram and the others i use LED philips with same transformer and i try to lower the fixtures with lower button and the result is when the osram bulb lowered quickly its start to flickering but if it lowered slowly (button lower:push by push) its not flickering, but philips have no problem when i do the same.

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