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Thread: Odd intereference

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    Odd intereference

    I am an electrician with an really unusual caseta problem. Using caseta and Pico to control 4 kitchen led recessed trims (sylvania ledrt56...), when turned on (dimmed or not) then office lights (4 ledrt56 trims) on same circuit(no dimmer) will strobe if office switch turned off then back on quickly. Secondly if kitchen lights are dimmed office lights will dim (identically to kitchen). Physically Checked 90 % of wires for damage then tried new wire from box to box (thru house). Only way to fix was putting office on different circuit (which I did). Need to know how office lights that are not connected (except for feed between boxes) can be dimmed. Neutral issue, interference, incompatible trims????

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    Based on the description of your issue, it does sound like there may be some kind of neutral interaction going on. We have seen some LED lights that when dimmed, they will generate more interference than what is normal and this can sometimes cause other lights on the same circuit to flicker/flash. Usually using a neutral based reverse phase dimmer (a PD-5NE would be an example) will fix this issue in most cases.

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