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Thread: HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor?

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    HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor?

    In the Designer Software (v. there is a part number (HQP7-RF-2L) (next to the HQP7-RF ClearConnect Gateway - Type X) in the Toolbox. Does anyone know what this is/does? It's labeled "HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor" and the image is the same as the Type X Gateway.

    I Googled the part number, and I put it in a search on Lutron's web site but I get no results.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Apr 2022
    We just announced at CEDIA 2022 the new Homeworks Radio Frequency Processor. Please take a look at our site using the model number HQP7-RF or please take a look at the links below to help further explain what the new all in one processor does. This would take place of a HQP7-(1 or 2) to use a completely wireless link for Clear Connect Type A and Type X devices. This can also be used standalone with the 22.5 software for a single processor system.

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    Verrrrry interesting. So essentially this is a standalone processor that handles both Type A and Type X wireless devices the same way that Radio Ra3 does it correct? So if you have a Homeworks job that's only going to be wireless, you don't need to spend money on a panel, power supply, and a hybrid repeater just to get started and you also get Type X to go with it so you don't have to get a Separate Gateway?!? That is pretty awesome! How many can you use on a single system?

    I haven't seen pricing on this, but I'd imagine it's a lot cheaper to get this over a 2nd processor and a hybrid repeater so would this be the preferred way to add wireless capabilities to an existing system? If so, can you connect it to the open ethernet port on a QSX processor (along with a POE injector) instead of using an external router/switch to ensure the system will still work properly if the network stops working or is disconnected for some reason?

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    What happens if you want to get a Mux connection for other modules??? Add a 1 link processer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewski300 View Post
    What happens if you want to get a Mux connection for other modules??? Add a 1 link processer?
    Yes. Same as adding a second 1/2 link processor if you needed a third or fourth QS Link

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    Is there any particular reason that this can't work with a QS job? We have an Illumination upgrade that we had to spec QS (HWI and H48 links). There are 2 outbuildings that are all tied together on an single network (LAN). It would be great if we had this device available to make the two outbuildings RF, rather than having to sell two single link processors and two more RF repeaters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSjogren View Post
    Yes. Same as adding a second 1/2 link processor if you needed a third or fourth QS Link ovo
    You're right.

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