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Thread: HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor?

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    HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor?

    In the Designer Software (v. there is a part number (HQP7-RF-2L) (next to the HQP7-RF ClearConnect Gateway - Type X) in the Toolbox. Does anyone know what this is/does? It's labeled "HomeWorks Dual Radio Processor" and the image is the same as the Type X Gateway.

    I Googled the part number, and I put it in a search on Lutron's web site but I get no results.

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    Lutron Technical Support
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    Apr 2022
    We just announced at CEDIA 2022 the new Homeworks Radio Frequency Processor. Please take a look at our site using the model number HQP7-RF or please take a look at the links below to help further explain what the new all in one processor does. This would take place of a HQP7-(1 or 2) to use a completely wireless link for Clear Connect Type A and Type X devices. This can also be used standalone with the 22.5 software for a single processor system.

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    Verrrrry interesting. So essentially this is a standalone processor that handles both Type A and Type X wireless devices the same way that Radio Ra3 does it correct? So if you have a Homeworks job that's only going to be wireless, you don't need to spend money on a panel, power supply, and a hybrid repeater just to get started and you also get Type X to go with it so you don't have to get a Separate Gateway?!? That is pretty awesome! How many can you use on a single system?

    I haven't seen pricing on this, but I'd imagine it's a lot cheaper to get this over a 2nd processor and a hybrid repeater so would this be the preferred way to add wireless capabilities to an existing system? If so, can you connect it to the open ethernet port on a QSX processor (along with a POE injector) instead of using an external router/switch to ensure the system will still work properly if the network stops working or is disconnected for some reason?

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    What happens if you want to get a Mux connection for other modules??? Add a 1 link processer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drewski300 View Post
    What happens if you want to get a Mux connection for other modules??? Add a 1 link processer?
    Yes. Same as adding a second 1/2 link processor if you needed a third or fourth QS Link

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