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Thread: New owners of a condo. Lutron lighting/shade system no longer work. Need guidance!

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    New owners of a condo. Lutron lighting/shade system no longer work. Need guidance!

    We are new owners of a condo in San Diego. The Lutron system worked (lights turned on, drapes opened and closed), but now they do not.

    We had a reputable company who installs Lutron products come out and give us an estimate. I am attaching both the estimate as well as a PDF of some pictures/descriptions of what we have.

    We didn’t really buy the condo because it had a smart lighting system. We just want to have lights that work and a way to open and close the drapes properly. As you can see, the estimate to fix this is $22,000!!!! We can’t afford that.

    This is Lutron's system. The analogy I have is that we have an old Lutron toilet that no longer works, but I can’t just replace the toilet because the new Lutron toilets aren’t compatible, and I have to remodel my entire house in order to install a new toilet.

    Please help ASAP. We have a condo with no working lights and no easy way to fix it apparently.

    Can someone tell me what to do?
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    Thank you for reaching out. Lutron recommends contacting a local dealer and/or your Lutron factory representative for design and purchase assistance. That information is accessible at by following the Where to Buy link located in the upper right hand corner. Or, follow the link below.

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    I'm not local but my two cents are: that is a small system for Homeworks. If the shades can be used with the Ra3 system downgrading to that might save money and it would give you more options for contractors. And make sure the keypad buttons get engraved, it is included in the price of the keypad.

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