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Thread: New devices not showing up on HomeKit

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    New devices not showing up on HomeKit

    I've noticed there's an issue adding newly activated devices to HomeKit. The devices show on the HomeKit settings (in Lutron Connect app) but clicking on it shows a spinner which eventually times out without error. Has anyone experienced this? I can control the lights fine through the Connect app so there's some issue with exposing them to HomeKit.

    The strange thing is the new devices were placed in HomeKit under a room that I did not create (Guest room pico). But in the connect app, shows inside the correct rooms.

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    Yes I'm having the same problem with a RadioRA2 system and Connect Bridge. I am running iOS 16.1 so possibly this has to do with the changes in HomeKit. Exact same problem... everything on the Lutron app and in Essentials (RadioRA2 only - you don't have that with Caseta) is working correctly and in the correct rooms. I reset the Connect Hub and all the Lutron devices then appeared in "Default Room" in HomeKit. I moved them manually to the correct rooms but I still have the problem of trying to set the devices up in the Lutron app for HomeKit/Siri. I tap on a device to add it to HomeKit, I get the spinner you mentioned and it times out. Otherwise things work properly.

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