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Thread: Search for parts SVIT-SH-WH (infared remote) and SV-IR (infared sensor) for QED

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    Search for parts SVIT-SH-WH (infared remote) and SV-IR (infared sensor) for QED

    After long exhaustive search on Amazon and EBAY, i am unable to locate these two parts for my QED roller shade system SVIT-SH-WH (infared remote) and SV-IR (infared sensor) for QED. I am looking for list of Lutron vendors that might have this in stock across Canada or US.

    Alternatively, I am using a Lutron Sivoia QED SQD-3DI-SW-E01 switch to control the blind. Is there an aftermarket solution that i could replace this switch with a wireless switch and remote?


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    You can use any of the SVIT remotes. It doesn't have to be the "SH" model. The remotes all send the same codes. The shade itself determines what action to take when it receives code 1, code 2, etc.

    It's a bit more involved but you can use any programmable IR remote. You can get the Lutron IR codes from Most of them are free.

    You can cut the plug of the IR wire and use any receiver. I think the green is positive, black is negative but I won't swear to it.
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