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Thread: Sunnata buzzing noise

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    Sunnata buzzing noise

    I had a Diva (DVCL-153PR) connected to seven (7) Ensenior recessed LED lights (9W each). It worked great and was dead silent. I saw the Sunnata (STCL-153PR) at a local store with the less 'clicky' switch and switched over to that. The Sunnata controls the lights fine but the switch itself makes a high pitch buzzing noise especially if the lights are at anything but full brightness.

    I'm wondering if I just got a bad dimmer or if this is common to this model.

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    Anyone? Bueller?

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    Unfortunately, there is currently no industry standard for the manufacturing of LEDs and the performance will vary with different dimming controls. At this time, Lutron has not tested these lamps, so we would not be able to guarantee a dimming solution for them. We would suggest contacting the manufacturer to see if there is a dimming solution that they can recommend.

    If selecting another LED is an option you could use our LED product selection tool, found at This LED selection tool will allow you to generate a list of compatible LED products for all of our LED rated dimming controls.

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