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Thread: Switch to turn bathroom fan and light on/off

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    Question Switch to turn bathroom fan and light on/off

    Looking for a smart switch ZigBee or ZWave that can turn off/on the bathroom fan and light individually (No dimmer needed). House is USA 1950 build probably no neutral wire in most of the outlets.

    Please see the picture attached of the wiring.
    1 Black wire- Hot
    1 Black wire- Turns on/off light if I take it out
    2 White wires connected together via a wire nut

    Link to Image

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    Lutron currently does not manufacture any* controls which can be used with ZigBee or Z-Wave. Instead, our controls use our Clear Connect RF Technology - You can learn more here at

    *Lutron does have the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer which is Zigbee-certified and also works with Phillips Hue System. However, this control is a dimmer and not a switch.

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