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Thread: Integration with Bang & Olufsen ML gateway

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    Integration with Bang & Olufsen ML gateway

    I have a project using GrafikEye QS and QSE-CI-NWK-E to do integration with Bang & Olufsen ML gateway. However, ML Gateway B&O can't send out custom string (eg.#DEVICE,2,70,3) to Lutron. It only can send number. Can we modify Lutron protocol to become number only? Or there have any protocol converter so that we can receive number from ML gateway and automatic convert to Lutron protocol? Thanks.

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    Katie H.

    Thank you for contacting us today. Unfortunately, we cannot do just number protocol communication at this moment. We appreciate your feedback. I will make sure this information gets back to our development team.

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    This is not the Lutron, but MLGW drivers limitation.
    You should consider moving to BLGW instead. The Lutron Integration Protocol is supported much better.

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    Have a small issue with the BLGW, now with the new qs 13.x version by default the monitoring state is off.
    With other systems it's easy to activate by #monitoring,3,1 for example but now how to do in the B&O BLGW Gateway? anyone already fix this?

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