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Thread: Caseta ELV Dimmer 3Way Application

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    Caseta ELV Dimmer 3Way Application

    I have two switches controlling one LED light that requires an ELV dimmer, while the other two lights are LED, dimmable and do not require an ELV dimmer.

    Both switches are wired the same with black on different colored screw, red on other screw on same side as the black wire and then the white on the other side. No ground screw on switch but ground is connected to box in wall.

    How do I wire this using a Caseta ELV dimmer in a 3Way configuration with a pico remote?

    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

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    Is sounds like your wiring is using the white conductor as a traveler for your 3-way switches. Do you see any bundles of white wires tucked in the back of either of the two boxes? These would be the neutral connections that the ELV dimmer requires to operate. If you do not see neutral wires at either location, you will either have to run a cable from one of the lights to one of the boxes, or use a non-ELV dimmer if this is not feasible.

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