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Thread: DVELV vs DVCL Dimmer

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    DVELV vs DVCL Dimmer

    I purchased an LED flush mount light from a lighting store as well as the recommended DVELV dimmer. However, when the electrician came to install, he said a different dimmer was required and installed the DVCL instead.
    Over the last 8 months, the light fixture has had a couple of instances where it stopped working for a period of time, but then revived itself, but now it is not working at all.
    What is the difference between these two dimmers? Would installing the wrong dimmer cause the light to stop working? Would replacing the dimmer correct the situation or is the light likely hooped?
    Thanks for any thoughts or feedback.

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    I found the answer to my question. No longer need response. I learned that I needed the CL dimmer rather than the ELV dimmer as the wiring is older and won't accommodate the ELV. Likely my light is defective. It's under warranty so getting a new one sent and will likely skip using the dimmer entirely.

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