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Thread: can't telnet after upgrade

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    Unhappy can't telnet after upgrade

    I recently upgraded the firmware on a project and have found that I'm unable to telnet into the project both from my computer and from the Home+ app. I added telnet logins under integrations and then did a transfer to the system. DHCP is off and I'm using a static IP. I'm able to see the system on the network and can connect and login successfully via a browser using the logins I created. However in the Home+ app I get "Invalid username/password" and when I telnet I get "Connection closed by foreign host." after entering login info.

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    I believe 12.0 is the last version that supported HC+.

    Not sure why you would have a problem with telnet via computer. Make sure the login is enabled in RA2 (column at right of table).
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