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Thread: Upgrading QS to QSX

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    Upgrading QS to QSX

    Hello all, my first post, forum virgin.

    We have installed a few new QSX systems without any problems.
    Last week we carried out our first QS to QSX upgrade.
    V.15.10 saved 2 new processors installed. My first mistake, I think was running V.22 QSX software which started a firmware upgrade straight away.
    On completion the the new system could not 'see' my keypad link and some of the modules on another link.
    I called the (UK) Lutron Tec Line. The first advise was 'I should have installed using V23.. So we did that, then the two processors could 'see' even less - not even my Hybid Repeater which sits on it's own link 3Metres from the panel.
    An hour later the tec line guy said 'I dunno' and put me on to his next up the line. He was more enthusiastic, so we shared my lap top and he took over. 1 hour 39 minutes later and past his 5pm. he had to give up.
    We removed links, attempted factory resets of the processors and did over 20 transfers. One concern was only one of the new processors would factory reset, the other just keeps re- booting.

    At 7pm I had to re - install the origonal QS processors as we had to leave the customer with a working system.
    Leaving the job embarrased at 9pm and TOTALLY frustrated with Lutron and with serious reservations with their (UK) Tec Support (or lack of).

    Any thoughts are welcome and thanks in advance.


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    I always make sure when I create a new project file I uncheck the "automatically upgrade processors" feature. I dont know why they force that on- some people like to be in charge of their own firmware updates.

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    That's interesting and I shall try that. I also have heard it works better if you switch off the cloud for the update?

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