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Thread: Wi-Fi goes down when RA3 processor is connected

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    Question Wi-Fi goes down when RA3 processor is connected

    Wondering if anyone has come across a similar issue; fresh install of RA3 system in clients house. First time installing RA3 equipment. RA3 processor connected into a PoE network switch in a server rack (done by others). After about 15-30min the wifi to the house drops, the network remains available but with no internet connectivity. Wired connections (such as the connection between my laptop and the rack/processor) remain fine. RA3 system works perfectly fine regardless of wifi condition, however the homeowner would like to have his wifi so he opt's to unplug the RA3 processor, and thus regains his wifi. Without his wifi he has no control of the lutron app from his phone.

    Wondering if this may be a static IP issue, and if it is, if someone would have some guidance as to the standard process of setting a static IP to save me some hours of googling.

    Any advice is appreciated, cheers.

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    It sounds like a power overloading issue. Ra3 processor uses a maximum of 4 watts according to the specs ...each POE access point is usually 5-6 watts from what I've read. I'm an electrician and not an AV guy so those guys can tell you better from personal experience with POE devices, but from your description it seems like you're overloading the POE injector or switch and it shuts off the power to POE devices.

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    Is the RA3 controller sitting next to another Wifi device? Lutron warns against doing this in the instructions and if it were sitting next to the Wifi router, that could be problematic.

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