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Thread: Help with a MRF2-1S8A-1OW please

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    Help with a MRF2-1S8A-1OW please

    The MRF2-1S8A-1OW consists of one MRF2-8S-DV and one LRF2-OWLB-P. I have it installed in a master closet. The wall switch is located in a position where a regular motion sensing switch can't be used - the light would come on when not desired - which is why I chose to install this combo unit. Everything is currently working except there is a minor issue. It may be designed this way but I would have thought that one could use the switch as an on/ timing off and the motion sensor as an on and timing out to off. If I turn on the light with the switch the light comes on and it times out correctly. If I then walk into the room, the sensor will turn the light on and later it times out. However, if I leave the room and turn the switch off, and then later walk into the room, the sensor will not turn the light on. is this how it is supposed to work? I thought both should be able to operate the light regardless of whether the switch is on or off.

    Are we to just leave the switch on and not ever use it again if we want the light to be completely controlled by the sensor and time out?

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    It now appears to work as I assumed it should. Evidently, I was not waiting long enough between the steps during my testing.

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