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Thread: insert BOM rant here:

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    insert BOM rant here:

    the BOM needs the following to be helpful as a design, specification, and bidding tool:

    - The price for everything. That includes architectural wallplates and engraving credits, especially if these are not issued with the keypad like most seeTouch keypads. We are constantly at risk for losing profit over products the software includes but does not price. If Lutron knows the price they need to put it in the software.
    - The abilty to edit quantities. If I want to zero out a quantity, let me do it.
    - Option to remove footer or header. One partner at our outfit hates the footer, and I have to save the database as new bogus files so the footer name isn't making a mess for him.

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    broken record:
    I want to credit a client for existing panels. I can't enter a negative number in the bom. I can't delete a PNL 8- that will take away the RPMs.

    looking forward to the stealth release in 10.0 for the BOM EDIT feature.

    thank you.

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