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Thread: Looking to fake a 3-way switch.

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    Looking to fake a 3-way switch.


    I have an existing 3-way switch (hardwired). Switch 1 is inside the house and the other is inside the garage, in-between is the porch light they both control.

    I have added two new lights to my garage, and wanted to be able to add them to the 3-way, but that doesn't seem possible without running a new wire back to the switch inside. Doing that would be more than a chore because it's not a straight run.

    So my thought was, why not buy two smart switches.... Wire them both up as single pole in their respective locations. One will control the porch light, the other the garage lights. But I'd like to be able to program them so that if I switch one on/off, it tells the other to turn on/off too. If that makes sense? Again, at the switch rather than on an app. While I have several lights on an app now, I rarely use it except for dimming, so prefer to be able to do most things from the switch.

    Is this possible to do and what Lutron switches should I be looking at if so? If possible, ones that work with HomeKit would be appreciated, since I've got a lot of Apple tech in the house.

    Thanks all.

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    It depends on how it is physically wired. A traditional 3-way has power coming in at one end, connecting to traveler A or B. At the other end, power comes in on traveler A or B and goes up to the light (switch leg). If the switch leg is at the garage end it's pretty simple. If it is at the house end it gets more complicated.

    In some cases, both the power in and switch leg are at the same end. Still doable but more complicated.

    You should have an electrician check it out.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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