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Thread: Lights are Flickering every once in a while

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    Question Lights are Flickering every once in a while


    I have a LED Pendant Lamp that has 8x 3 Watt LED bulbs that are dimmable:

    So in total it should be 24 Watt, right?

    We had an electrician over a few months ago to install Caseta Dimmer Switches for us, and when he installed it for that Pendant Light the LEDs never turned fully off, even when the Caseta Switch was set to Off. To fix that he installed some little extra capacitor thing behind the Switch in the wall that fixed it, yay!

    However, every once in a while, like every hour or so, the lights flicker for a brief moment, they seem to turn off and immediately on again.

    Is there anything we can do about that? Do we need to change something about the installation?
    Or could it be that there is LED Driver Box built into the Pendant Light that doesn't properly support dimming?
    Or is this a use-case for the ELV Dimmer Switches from Caseta?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    All dimmers have a minimum load requirement. It is typically around 50 watts for incandescent loads. LEDs are different so you won't need 50 watts of LED. The "capacitor thing" helps reach the minimum load.

    Dimmers that have a neutral connection (like the ELV) have a much lower minimum load and will ALWAYS perform better.

    I would contact the manufacturer and ask them what type of dimming they recommend. If they say forward phase, incandescent, or leading edge, the PD-10NXD has a neutral connection and is less expensive than the ELV. If they say reverse phase, ELV, trailing edge, you will need the PD-5NE.
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