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Thread: A best practice is needed to help save time designing and quotting

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    A best practice is needed to help save time designing and quotting

    As we design systems it creates a bom. But that bom does not include our cost info. Since we are logged in under designer, the best practice would be to pull over our costs. If that is too difficult then, create and export of the BOM in the correct format that can be input in to Lutron shop so that we can get costs, put in the cart and download for quoting.

    The convoluted way of bringing the software output to my projects is no time cost effective. The more time we spend on entering and searching for costs to quote the less time we have to sell systems.

    this is the same for RadioRa, need simple outputs to quickly quote. Best way would be since we are logged in, just show our costs in the bom report that we can export.

    See another post regarding other reports needed from homeworks qsx and Ra3 to greatly improve productivity.

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    Thats how Lutron is. Whether its their website and trying to find a particular product's info/guides/etc, endless product SKUs, or their undocumented software. Many things that should be easy are just so difficult and time consuming. Hell I dont even bother with their website now when I need product info- a google search gets it to me faster.

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