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Thread: LED panel/light compatibility - homeowner learning the ropes

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    LED panel/light compatibility - homeowner learning the ropes

    I’m learning a lot about lights and dimmers. I am building a light box for a stained glass window and require a 2 x 4’ panel light and dimmer.

    Initially I found one on Home Depot’s website, a Lithonia panel that was sold matched with a Lutron DIVA+ dimmer.

    Unfortunately, their shipping schedule didn’t match with my needs, so I ordered what I thought was the same set from Lowe’s. When it arrived, the dimmer did not work with the light – it made it “strobe” (flash full on and off).

    Upon investigation, I’m finding that some LED panel lights are 120 dimmable and some are 1-10 volt dimmable, and it seems I bought a 1-10 volt light and tried to use it with a 120 V dimmer.

    Assuming I have the problem correctly diagnosed, how do I decide whether to get a new light (120 volt dimmable) to use with the dimmer that I have, or should I buy a DVSTV dimmer to go with the light panel?

    Is there an advantage of one pair over the other?

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    Hate isn't a word I use often but in this case I will. I hate 10v dimming. Most of my issues involve dimming multiple 10v fixtures. Since you only have one, they may not be issues for you. Other issues include, twice the controls, twice the programming, having to run 10v wiring in addition to 120v wiring.

    In my experience, 2 lights with the same driver, connected to the same dimmer will have dramatically different performance. Put them both at 50% and one will be visibly brighter. One will pop on before the other. One will pop off before the other.

    Some drivers are combination drivers. There may be a switch on the driver to bypass the 10v connection. Or you may have to short out the 10v leads to bypass the 10v control. Not all drivers have this feature.
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