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Thread: unable to communicate with the processor

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    unable to communicate with the processor

    I really need your help, yesterday i was installing a new lutron system and after i uploaded the program to the processor , identified all the equipment i went back to test it and none of the keypads worked,it was like the keypads had a massive delay when i was pressing the buttons. I went back in the Homeworks 9.3 the processor status was good and then i went to diagnostics - verify devices and after 3 seconds of displaying me the devices the message "We are unable to communicate with the processor" prompted.
    Thank you in advance.IMG_0176.MOV

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    From the video it looks like that keypad has no programing on it based on the led response

    At this point there can be several issues. Can you get on the processor? Can you upload the Database for us to look at ? You will need to connect to the processor in order to troubleshoot problem. Are you trying to connect wireless or wired?

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