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Thread: Sonos integration with RadioRA 3 Picos and virtual 'Homeowner Keypad'

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    Sonos integration with RadioRA 3 Picos and virtual 'Homeowner Keypad'

    The Sonos integration document references setting up a virtual Homeowner keypad to provide audio control (page 13). I've tried this setup, however within the Lutron iOS app there is no audio option when editing these virtual buttons. Has anyone had success with this?

    I'm having the same issue when trying to setup buttons on Pico keypads, though the same document explains in the FAQ and listed devices as them having the capability to add the audio command functionality for Sonos integration.

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    The audio option started working with a virtual Homeowner keypad in the iOS app after a force full transfer, not sure why that was necessary. However, the audio option is not available for a Pico PJ2-4X-XXX when trying both an activated keypad and a virtual one.

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    Additionally, I've tried a few different virtual Pico's and tried a physical one again, but I'm never getting the audio option when editing a device on the iOS app. The buttons are all configured as single action buttons too. Per the documentation, the single action buttons should have the audio option:

    Quote Quote
    What hardware is required from a Lutron system to work with a Sonos system?
    You will need a RadioRA 3 or HomeWorks QSX system with at least one keypad with single action button programming or a Pico Remote Control for Audio.

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