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Thread: Wiring Radio Ra2 Switches- 3-way and 4-way challenges

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    Wiring Radio Ra2 Switches- 3-way and 4-way challenges

    I’m upgrading some switches to work with my radio ra2 system. First one is currently a 3 way switch to a single hallway light. I’m looking to put a RRD-PRO switch in the “kitchen” junction box and then put a RRD-W6BRL Keypad in the “bedroom” junction box. The kitchen switch will control the light. The bedroom switch just needs power and a neutral. note that in this scenario I currently have a white wire that is not connected or capped in each box.

    The second light is an entryway light that is in a 4-way currently. Looking to control the light from and install a RRD-PRO in the kitchen junction box, a RRD-W6BRL keypad in the entry junction box and will be installing a RRD-RRD I’m the basement junction box. The last 2 only need power and a neutral. I am looking for help in understanding which wires to use for the new switches, which to cap alone, which to cap together, etc...

    The attachement shows the layout of existing switches and the sequences for which the lights turn on and off currently

    Any help would be great. Lutron Wiring issues .pdf

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    Thank you for your inquiry! We would advise seeking the help of an electrician to help resolve an advanced wiring issue like this. Alternatively, we'd also suggest calling in to 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661), where a Live agent can take notes and help work through the scenario with you.

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