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Thread: Artificial or "dummy" load?

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    Artificial or "dummy" load?

    I have an unassigned keypad button I want to use with my 3rd party home automation system to control my Sonos system. I want to treat it just like a dimmer. A "phantom" dimmer if you will. RA2 would be used (and light the LED on the keypad) to track virtual on/off and dimming levels.

    Is there a way to add a "phantom" dimmer on RA2?

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    Just realized the word "phantom" may imply a special meaning.

    I'm asking about a "virtual" dimmer -- something the keypad and RA2 repeater track as a real dimmer, but I don't actually have a physical dimmer hooked up and controlling load.

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    You can add a normal dimmer into the project file and then assign it to the button for LED feedback. The dimmer will not get activated, and will fail every transfer, but will cause the LED on the keypad to be on when pressed. If the button is set to toggle/room monitoring then the LED on the button will remain on as long as the "virtual" load is on at any level.

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    I've done this many times. You will always get a note that the dimmer is not activated when you transfer.

    Why not use the button to turn off the Sonos from that button? Third party should be able to pick up the button press, might even be able to get the raise/lower to control the volume. See here for the commands-
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    That worked great. Thanks.

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