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Thread: Caseta with Armacost LED drivers

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    Caseta with Armacost LED drivers

    I have multiple Armacost 120 watt dimmable LED driver transformers used for strip lighting. I want to control 2 of them (240 watts) with one PD-6WCL Caseta dimmer. The dimmer is rated at 600 watts for incandescent. I don’t see a rating for handling drivers or transformers just 150 watts for LED bulbs. Should I limit myself to the 150 watt figure and use 1 dimmer per transformer? I have tried 2 at a time and they work fine but I don’t want to create an unsafe configuration. Armacost say they recommend Lutron dimmers with their transformers but didn’t know about capacity
    Does anyone have experience with Armacost transformers with Lutron dimmers?

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    The incandescent limitation is based on the dimmers ability to dissipate heat. The 6WCL may be able to do more but it would require a larger (impractical) heat sink. The LED limitation is based on electronic issues. LEDs generate noise. Dimmers act like amplifiers. Put them together and you have Armageddon. I'd stick with the 150w limit.

    The 150w rating is an easy way to determine the loading. You can have (1) 150w LED with (1) driver at 150w or (10) 15w LEDs and 1 driver, or (15) 10w LEDs and 15 drivers.
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