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Thread: Newly installed Caseta Dimmer strobing when high but stable when dim.

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    Newly installed Caseta Dimmer strobing when high but stable when dim.

    Just installed a newly arrived PD-6WCL dimmer (no neutral) in my bedroom alongside a new fan control. The fixture is a combo light/ fan (already on separate switches) and the light uses two candelabra style bulbs. I already had some GE Dimmable LEDs in the fixture and just confirmed via the comparability tool that they’re an approved model bulb for my dimmer. Problem is they are flashing a dance party at all levels apart from the dimmest setting (not flickering, FLASHING). I attempted to adjust the trim but it made no difference (didn’t fully expect it to).
    Any advice? Am I missing something simple?
    Thanks all!

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    Are you able to test the fixture with incandescent bulbs? Also, do you have the make and model of the fan for reference? Certain fans have electronic limiters which can create incompatibilities with Lutron's digital controls.

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    I don’t have any incandescent bulbs at the moment to test with. I might be able to steal some from my guest room when I no longer have a guest in there.
    I don’t have the info on the fans, they were installed by the builder.
    If it helps, it appears that after flashing for 2-5 minutes the light is able to stabilize and can move through the full brightness range. But the next time it’s turned on, it begins flashing again. It’s a bit of a mess really 😝
    I have a neutral wire in the wall that was just capped off (there were two twisted together) and when I was swapping the switches for the fan and the light I had to pull them out because the fan switch needs a neutral. It would not work unless I connected it to Both Neutral wires.. if I tried connecting one of the neutrals in the wall to the fan switch and leaving the other one capped, the light switch stopped turning on at all and the fan switch got power but didn’t actually work. And I tried it with both neutrals. So I get the feeling there’s something odd going on wiring wise that I can’t see and I’m wondering if there’s a way to connect the neutral to the light switch somehow that might reduce the flickering.

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    Double check the bulbs. Some bulbs require reverse phase/trailing edge/ELV dimming. The 6WCL only does forward phase/leading edge/incandescent dimming.

    Does your fan a have a remote control? If it is anything other than a pull-chain there is a receiver in the fan. You will need to bypass this for the dimmer to work.
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