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Thread: Lutron switches and smart off

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    Lutron switches and smart off

    I have a Lutron Casetta Smart bridge and a bunch of switches all over the house. I integrated the bridge with Alexa as well. I just moved from Wink where I used to control my switches (lights) based on specific scenarios. One of the thing I used to do is to switch off certain switches (kids bathroom) after they are left ON for (lets say) 15 minutes. So if it is turned ON and if it is not turned off within 15 mins the robot switches it off automatically. I have been trying to figure out if this is possible either within the Lutron app or within Alexa (may be not for this forum). TIA

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    There are no timers in Caseta. I'm pretty sure you can do it in Alexa but haven't done much on that side.
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