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Thread: New build - choosing Canned lights to be tuning compatible w/ future Caseta system

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    New build - choosing Canned lights to be tuning compatible w/ future Caseta system

    We are building a new home and are working on choosing our LED recessed lights. I want to make sure the LED cans will be compatible with gradually upgrading to Caseta switches over time. We especially want to be sure that the LEDs will be tunable through the app and will work for programming scenes with warmer/cooler lighting the way Philips Hue does. I want to be able to program scenes to begin the day with bright natural light but gradually become warmer as evening progresses (but extend "daylight" during dark winter months). Will just any LED cans work? or are there specific LEDs I need to ask the electrician to install? The electrician employed by our builder is not tech-savy so I can't depend on him to know.

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    Caseta app doesn't have an option to program lights for color temperature, you can only change the dimming level in the Caseta app. Also, many programmable lights do not work with other third party systems, so I recommend to check with the LED manufacturer if the lights can be controlled by a third party smart switch. The only Lutron system that has tunable lights is Ketra.

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