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Thread: How to OOB or Change a Picos Frequency

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    Question How to OOB or Change a Picos Frequency

    Are any of you having trouble with any of your Lutron Pico devices? Would you like to factory default or change the frequency of your Pico? Why would you need to do this? Please continue reading to find out more!

    What happens if you can no longer get any communication out of your Pico, or you’d like to just disassociate the Pico to use it on a new switch, or shade? Try Factory Defaulting it and reactivating it! How do you do that? Please follow this video to factory default a Pico so you can get it re-set up with your system:

    For some of our RF systems, a Pico Frequency change may be required. This may be a step utilized in homes with multiple RF systems or other, third party RF devices. One of the ways that you can remedy this issue is manually changing the frequency (steps also found in the software). To do so, please follow this video:

    We are actively soliciting feedback for these types of posts and information. Let us know if you find this helpful or not (and why!) and we'll continue to make improvements. The idea is to communicate issues that come up often, or can be confusing, and present the information in a few different formats. We look forward to hearing from you!
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