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Thread: Turns on light not fan

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    Turns on light not fan

    Out of no where my Caseta switch stopped controlling the fan and now controls the fan light. It worked for 8 months and now I can’t figure out what’s wrong. I replaced the switch and it didn’t fix the problem.

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    Not a lot of info to go on but my first thought was that there is a receiver in the fan. Some fans come with a receiver designed to work with an RF remote and/or an in-wall control. The in-wall remote transmits a signal to the receiver over the power line. It sounds like the receiver interpreted no signal as fan control. Some noise on the line may be causing it to turn the light on.

    It is weird that it would happen 8 months later. It could be some new device generating noise (TV, fridge, microwave, etc.).
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    It is a remote control issue. I bought a replacement and hope I can change it back to the fan.

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