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Thread: Grouping Shades

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    Grouping Shades

    Hello folks,

    I'm certainly missing something obvious...

    I have a large 4-panel sliding door which I've installed 3 lutron shades over (one for a double door section in the middle and then one smaller on each side). I have them individually programmed, but I want to control them as a group via the Lutron app and via Alexa. I don't see an option to group?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    The only way to move them as a group in the Lutron app is to create scenes with all 3 shades as part of the scene. You would have to create an open scene and a close scene. In the Alexa app you can go to All Devices, create groups and move the entire group via voice command.

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    What system are you using to control the shades? For RA2 and HQS you program the shades to a button and it will be available in the app. For Caseta and RA2 Select you will need a Pico.
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