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Thread: RRD-8S-DV bulbs (LED)

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    RRD-8S-DV bulbs (LED)

    I have a project with a few RRD-8S-DV switches... some LED bulbs do not work with these switches no matter what Lutron says about how there are no compatibility issues with a switch that is just off or on. We have tried bulbs that work great in the dimmers, but so far the bulbs flicker or just drop to a lower brightness when the switch is off...

    The era of the basic incandescent is over, and Lutron says to install their shunt capacitor in the fixtures to avoid any problems with switches that have no compatibility issues... but before I go and start tearing apart light fixtures...

    does anyone have an LED bulb they have successfully used with the RRD-8S-DV?



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    When using LEDs with the RRD-8S-DV, Lutron would recommend installing the LUT-MLC, shunt capacitor, at the light fixture to help stabilize the LED since this on/off switch does not have a neutral. The LUT-MLC should be installed at the first light, if multiple lights are on the same circuit. We've included the instructions for this below:

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