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Thread: Dimming LED picture lights with PowPak LMJ-5T-DV-B

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    Dimming LED picture lights with PowPak LMJ-5T-DV-B

    Before I buy the lights and line up an electrician to install, I want to check that this will work:

    Installing low voltage LED wall-mounted picture lights in two places. While there is a plug-in version with a remote, I want the lights on the Homeworks QS system so the lighting can be part of various scenes. I suppose I could use a plug-in lamp dimming module, but there's no good place to hide them. (Do those even work with wall warts plugged in?) Each install location has an outlet on the wall below to draw power from. The LED drivers for the picture lights are 0-10V dimming and draw 22W, 2A or less (different sizes). So the LMJ-5T-DV seems like the correct choice. It doesn't appear I can wire both lights to one PowPak so probably each light gets its own. The light mfr specifies a 4-gang box for the driver and power for the light.

    My plan is to extend power from the outlet below up to the 4-gang old work box behind each picture. Wire it to the PowPak attached to the box, and then wire that to the driver, and then driver to the light, per mfr wiring instructions. The box would have a blank cover with a hole to run the low voltage wire to the lights, also per mfr recommendation.

    Add the PowPaks to the HQS system and add to the "art cans" button I already have plus other scenes as needed.

    1. Is that the proper design; and
    2. Does the PowPak have to be attached to a knockout and sit on the exterior of a metal old work junction box, or can it be attached to the inside of a plastic old work box using its screw mounts if there's room (and if necessary, running the antenna out of the box through one of the friction knockouts on the plastic box)?

    I'm in California if there are any weird codes to consider....

    Thanks for any insight.

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    The LMJ has 2 ratings. 5a max on the line voltage side. 60ma on the low voltage side. That should be plenty for what you are describing but check the specs.

    Lutron says it can be installed in a marshalling box which is what you are describing.
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    Thanks randyc. When you say it can be installed in a marshaling box, are you referring to the note about how to install in a separate junction box and routing the antenna outside the box? Or is there something that says it can be installed in a box along with an LED driver? The point may be moot because I don't think I can fit all that in a box in a wall behind a picture in any acceptable way. I'm going to have to look for a spot above some cabinets or similar to hide it. No way to get into the ceiling at this location. Or rather, it has nice wood ceilings and not worth cutting them up for this.

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    Just for closure on this, turns out they have a Triac dimmable driver option, so I should be able to install a standard PRO dimmer in the 4-gang to dim the driver and its light, assuming it all fits.

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    Hm, nica project. I'm planning to do the same tomorrow

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    @propersins would love to hear how it works out for you - won't be doing mine until later this summer.

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