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Thread: GrafikRA RA-GRX-4 flashing after power surge

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    GrafikRA RA-GRX-4 flashing after power surge

    I have a RadioRA2 system and this morning there was a power surge (outside the house for sure since i heard a corresponding noise from the construction up the road).
    I have a whole house power surge protector but since I saw the lights brighten during the surge i suspect they aren't 100% effective.

    Immediately after the surge all the loads on the GrafikRA started flashing.
    Turning all loads off and on -- no change. Still flashing.
    Turned breaker off for 60s -- no change.
    There are LED and Incandescent loads so i tried one zone with only incandescents and it still flickers even full on. it flashes really badly when dimming.

    Anyone know what else I can try? If it is toast any idea what my options are to replace it?


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    That version of the Grafik Eye does not have a flash function built-in. If it has any low-voltage devices connected, try disconnecting them. You can also try power cycling the main repeater.

    There are used ones on eBay. There are a lot of Grafik Eyes with similar part numbers. I'd have the seller send a pic with the cover off so you can see the model number. The covers are interchangeable and they take paint pretty well.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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