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Thread: Need help regarding which product

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    Need help regarding which product

    I am wanting to put sensors in the 2 locations shown in the attached pdf's. For the closet, the pocket door will be open 99% of the time meaning that walking by would turn the light on with a regular sensor switch with the switch in the current location. The switch can not be moved. In the garage, walking out the door would activate the sensor switch which is desired. However, that switch controls 3 overhead lights in the garage with one being closer to the back wall above the "Garage Label" on the right side of the garage. That area will be a shop and I'd want the lights to stay on as long as there is motion in that area also. I was looking at the wall mount and ceiling mount options that wirelessly connect to a wall switch but I'm not sure they would work well. I'm also unsure of the sensor placement. Any help on products and mounting locations would be great. Thanks

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    There is a process called masking. You literally put masking tape the block the sensor from seeing certain areas. This would work for the closet. You could also put a ceiling sensor directly above the door assuming there is enough wall space above the door to keep the sensor from seeing out the door.

    RA2 Select supports ceiling mounted sensors. If you can't position the sensor so it sees the entire area, I believe the system will pair the sensors as long as you put them both in the same room in the software. Both sensors would have to report no motion for the light to turn off. I'd confirm that with tech support before purchasing.

    You might be able to do something similar with Caseta. Caseta only has a wall mounted sensor and I'm not sure how it would support 2 in the same room.
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    Thanks. I'm beginning to think the ceiling sensor (LRF2-OCR2B-P) in the closet would work.

    However, the garage is another issue. I'd rather not use an app if at all possible. Would a LRF2-OCR2B-P work there to cover all of the area if placed so there was line of sight to the entire space? Just not sure of the actual area covered by the sensor. Ceiling is 8 ft tall in the garage.

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    Ok, I have a HVAC vent in the ceiling above the door in the closet. When the heat is on, will the ceiling sensor "read" that as a person?

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