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Thread: LED bulb continues on even after pressing dimmer button to turn it off

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    LED bulb continues on even after pressing dimmer button to turn it off

    This client has LED bulbs and RA2 dimmers installed in a residence. On one circuit, I believe they have an old RRD-6D which works pretty well with the LED bulbs, only issue is that when we press the dimmer tap button to turn off the light, the bulb still emits a little bit of light. Only way to turn it completely off is by pulling the FASS button. I'm not sure this has to do with the low-end trim though. Any ideas?
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    The RRD-6D is not tested with LED's, when the dimmer turns off there is still a small amount of power being used to dimly light the indicator on the left side. This can allow some LED's to remain lit at a low level, and can happen with other digital dimmers with LED's on them. We recommend checking our LED product selection tool, to see if we have a testing report card for the LED's being used. If we do, then see which Radio Ra2 dimmers are approved for better performance.

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