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Thread: allumé ,L'ecart, pré-réglage What's up with the newer See-Touch label stickers?

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    allumé ,L'ecart, pré-réglage What's up with the newer See-Touch label stickers?

    I've noticed this in the last few months with newer SeeTouch button labels, but what is going on with the new labels? I couldn't find simple labels like Downlight, Pantry, Left, Right (for reading lights) but there are a dozen weird French and Spanish labels that I still don't understand after googling. What's a Predefinido and why is there both Entretener and Entertain? I mean if Lutron wanted to add these to the existing labels I'd be all for it but we are down to two little pages of labels and a lot of them are never going to be used unless you get a very specific customer. éteint? where can I use that? I really depend on these labels!

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    I find it easier to export the engraving report then cut them out and tape them horizontally next to the keypad. That way the customer can see exactly what the button will say when they get engraved. If I ever need to change a button on an already engraved keypad, I will use a label maker and stick it to the button until the replacement buttons arrive.

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    Control4 has post-it notes with the image of a keypad. I put them right next to the Lutron keypads!
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    lol sticking a printout does not fly with my customers, even if it was small. Also, most of the time I have no idea how they actually want the programming to be - I have some things in mind before hand but they always change it anyway. I could do this for a new construction type of thing but lately, I seem to be doing retrofit jobs with the people living there and expecting at least some basic programming on the first day.

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