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Thread: VCRX trained visor control works on button but not on Homelink

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    VCRX trained visor control works on button but not on Homelink

    Converted an old Radio Ra Classic system to Ra2 (Not Ra3 because I needed Wallbox Power Module support but I digress).

    The old system had the old visor controls which control the garage door via a momentary relay and also the garage lights. The homeowner had it linked to their Homelink buttons on their new Lexuses. The way they had it, button one did the garage door and button 2 did the lights.

    I set up the garage door and programmed a toggle room monitor button for the garage lights and linked them to the remote. The remote worked just fine. We linked the garage door to the Homelink button just fine but the light was acting weird where it would turn on but the toggle off button would make it go off for a split second and come back on. For a while it looked like it was working fine and I thought maybe they had pressed it twice or held it too long but this morning, that wasn't the case so I got a callback.

    I thought maybe if I changed it from a toggle to path of light it might help but after some convincing, the customer was ok with me having button 1 do the door and have button 2 turn lights on and button 3 to turn them off. Fortunately they only have the one main door but I would like to fix this.

    My thought is that perhaps the car is transmitting the signal too long and it's confusing the lutron system into thinking there were two presses. Is that what's happening? If so, why wasn't the old Lutron visor controls not doing that?

    Also, I'm curious how secure these visor controls are...I would guess that since the early 90s, everything uses some sort of rolling code which makes it impossible to copy a remote since when the button is pressed, the code is useless...How does the magic sauce in Homelink work? Does the Lutron VCRX base generate a whole new code? So does that mean Lutron's uses Billion Code which while a new code is not rolling code?

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    Lutron would recommend testing the button press from the VCRX and see if the light turns back off from this devices as well or just the transmitter. The Transmitter uses a different frequency than the VCRX to allow it to integrate with HomeLink. We would also recommend double checking the lights for possible LED incompatibility or perform a force full transfer. To perform the force full transfer, press "CTRL" and "F9" together while on the Transfer tab (some keyboards may require "CTRL" "FN" and "F9"), a small checkmark box will appear, select this option and start the transfer.

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    All the Lutron parts work fine - I could use the button on the receiver or the transmitter and it toggles the lights no problem. It's just when the button is copied to a homelink button on the Lexus.

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    How old are the cars? If they are newer it may be that HomeLink updated their codes and Lutron is using an older version? Or vice-versa. Lutron is using a newer version and the cars have an older version?

    Is there a way to reset/erase the codes in the car and start over?
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    I think at most they are a year old! I got lucky that they have only one gate so I just did the 2 button way (one for on, one for off) so they're happy at the moment.

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