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Thread: 3-Way setup with Caseta at one end, motion sensor at the other?

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    3-Way setup with Caseta at one end, motion sensor at the other?

    I've got a setup that doesn't match anything I've seen in the Forum; I would really appreciate some advice.

    My entry hallway turns a corner. The lighting for the hall runs on a 3-way switch. The switch by the exterior door uses a motion sensor: it turns on when the exterior door opens or when someone turns the corner into that end of the hall. Works great, does exactly what I need.

    The interior end of the hallway opens into a great room. That interior part of the hall includes stairs, so proper lighting is a safety issue--but a motion sensor there doesn't make sense because it would be triggered constantly.

    Currently, there's a simple, 2-way switch (no motion sensor) at the interior end. That setup works OK: I can turn the light on manually via the switch on my way out, and the motion sensor turns it off again after a few minutes. But I'd like to replace the existing 2-way switch with Caseta, so I can turn the light on/off via the app.

    If it matters, both the existing motion sensor and 2-way switches appear to be Lutron.

    Can I keep the motion-sensor switch on the exterior end and add a PD-6WCL (or another Caseta switch option) on the interior end? If so, do I have to do anything special with the wiring?

    Many thanks for any advice.

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    Hello. You would replace one of the switches (the motion sensor OR the standard 3-way switch) with the PD-6WCL. The other switch would get replaced with a Pico remote. You will then need the PD-OSENS to connect to your Caseta system because the Maestro motion sensor does not work in the app. The Maestro will also not wire to a PD-6WCL, they will not work together. Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you for the quick response! That sounds easy enough. Off to buy a PD-OSENS.... :-)

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