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Thread: Convert to Hybrid

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    Convert to Hybrid

    TL;DR How do you convert a dimmer that is already programmed, into a hybrid KP?

    Lets say you go back to one of your old Ra2 installation, and want to replace a 6D with a with a H6BRL. Easy, you right click on the 6D and select "convert to hybrid".

    Is there any way to do this in Ra3? Or do I really need to delete the dimmer (and its load, taking note of every KP button that has this load programmed to it), add a hybrid in its place, then go reprogram every KP button around the house to add this new hybrids load?

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    Same / similar question.

    In the process of converting a prior Radio RA 2 design (homeowner never proceeded) to Radio RA 3 because homeowner is now ready to proceed. Its a big job and converting RRD to RRST devices is super laborious. I wish I could just change out the device and keep the name/programming the same.

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    Thank you for the feedback, this will be noted and pushed to our development team.

    As for the questions related to converting an existing dimmer/switch to a hybrid keypad in it's place you can right click on the existing dimmer, you can click 'where' to find out exactly where it's programmed to add the new one in it's place. As of right now there is no direct way of changing an existing dimmer to a new type of dimmer or keypad without fully reprogramming it.

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