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Thread: Dimming LED Integrated Type Bulb - Sea Gull Pendant

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    Dimming LED Integrated Type Bulb - Sea Gull Pendant

    Lutron support,

    I have purchased Sea Gull 6517491S-710: LED Pendant, the bulb is NOT a bulb and uses an integrated type LED (a module), and the recommended type of dimmer is an "ELV" type dimmer. Will the Lutron dimmer work for this application, since I would like to purchase this if the solution works and use it with the Caseta system.

    Sea Gull shows the LED as:

    Connection: Mounted To BoxBulb Type: ModulesBulb Base: IntegratedVolts: 120Watts: 14Watts Consumed: 14Watts Rated: 14Hours Rated: 50000Lumens: 1000Bulb Temp: 2700 °KCRI: 90

    I have seen the compatible bulb pdf and wanted to ask the forum to see if this will work.


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    If its not on the compatibility list its totally trial and error. The other thing I have seen is that even when bulbs do work you need a minimum of wattage draw thats close to 25 watts in my experience otherwise you get flickering.

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    Then it might work since I bought (2) of the pendants and when is 14 watts. Also the Caseta site is confusing, some of the kits say the bridge is a Pro while others say the dimmer is in-wall pro which i think i need. Are all the Pro series smart bridge a Pro smart bridge ? Its so subtle between kits, and very confusing.

    This is the link...

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    The Pro bridge is really only needed if you are looking to integrate the Caseta system with 3rd party controls. All of the Pro and non-Pro dimmers and switches will work with both the Pro or non-Pro bridges.

    For an ELV type load, the only thing in the Caseta line that I could suggest is the PD-10NXD, but since that bulb has not been tested, we don't know if it will work properly or not.

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