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Thread: Can you reuse an already registered Connect Bridge on another system?

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    Can you reuse an already registered Connect Bridge on another system?

    I recently updated a Ra2 system to Ra3 and was given the old connect bridge. I believe it's still registered to the old owner. I'm curious what would happen if you put that connect bridge on a different system with a different main repeater. If the old owner had the connect app and their credentials, will they all of a sudden get access to the new system or will they need to have physical access to the connect bridge to re-register once a new main repeater is detected to be associated with that connect bridge?

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    Once you reset it to factory default the previous owner won't have access to it.
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    Though I think, in Lutrons database, the app email address is associated with the connects serial number. I would recommend walking the previous owner through the connect app to remove their home from that connect bridge. Then factory reset the connect bridge.

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    lol interesting. I might just use this one as a temporary connect bridge for times that I am in a house that doesn't have one but it would help me with troubleshooting lights or whatever while I'm there the way I used to do it with the Home+ app.

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    I just had a similar issue. The homeowner has two homes using Ra2 with bridges. I did their house near DC; another company did their vacation home which is about 8 hrs away. I was told the vacation property was having "issues", so they installed a new bridge. Now when the app is opened it still shows the old connect bridge, even though it is no longer connected to the internet. I have account access, so I tried to use "edit account" to remove the old bridge and could not. I called Lutron and was told an email had to be sent from the account holders email address with a request to remove the bridge from the account. The homeowner sent them pics of the connect bridges that were active (mac addresses were needed), problem solved, or at least that one:).

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    I pretty sure you have to unregister the connect bridge from the system through the app. Once removed, you can add the new homeowners. I don't believe you can simply factory reset.

    And yes, the old homeowner would probably would be able to view/control the system and you wouldn't be able to add the new owners.

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