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Thread: Wireless 3 way with a load on both sides

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    Wireless 3 way with a load on both sides

    My customer wants a 3 way switch between their detached garage and back door of their house, where running wires would not be convenient. Originally this was just going to control a light on the garage and I was going to use a Caseta switch and Pico remote. They have now requested that the same 3 way also control a light on the house. So my question: Is there any wireless 3 way product that can support a load on both ends? I have hot/neutral on both sides, I just need two switches that can be paired up. I have looked through the Maestro and RadioRa products, and unless I'm missing something, all remote devices can't have loads attached, and all companion switches need physical wires run.

    Thanks for the help.

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    The Pico can control up to 10 devices. You could put a Pico at both ends and have them control both dimmers/switches.
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    You have to have a hard-wired switch in both locations to serve the independent loads. The Caseta switches do not have a function that allows them to switch a hard-wired load and a remote. You would need a pico to do that. You could put a pico at both locations and pair them with the switch at the other location (or pair each pico with both switches so a single touch controls both loads).

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    In Ra2, 2 Hybrid keypads would work. Although a bit expensive if there isn't an existing system.

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