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Thread: My Ra3 Wishlist

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    Having a frustrating Ra3 day so throwing it all out here hoping Lutron is listening.
    Copy keypad programming does not copy engraving. Only programming.
    Neither does just copying one button.
    Do not need to be reminded that some buttons are blank. I know. I can see it.
    What ever room the processor is in shows in the android app even if that's the only thing in it. Doesn't show equipment just room. I have the latest app.
    Mouse just disappeared in Can see it jumping around because the menus move as it passes over. Working fine in all other open apps.
    No low end check.
    No pathway or the HW equivalent Toggle with Scene logic is killing me.
    Why does programming default to press/release? I have tried many ways to use it and it's of no use. Has no one at Lutron looked at the software?
    Transfer over WIFI is waaaaay better. Ra2 I only trans on WIFI if I have no other choice.
    I dig being able to group rooms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MitchE View Post
    Be able to change a Dimmer to switch or vise versa with out having to delete and re program.
    Like, ah, Ra2.?
    Just got to my job that I did some office programming then show up and electrician changed loads types.
    Thanks for your question. If you entered a dimmer on the Design tab of the project and it needs to be changed to a Switch, the dimmer will need to be deleted and then the switch will need to be added in its place. Hope this helps guide you in the direction.

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