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Thread: Enable / Disable Visor Control Input

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    Enable / Disable Visor Control Input

    I'm trying to use the VCRX to accept an input from 3rd party motion sensors around the home to turn on all of the exterior lighting. I want the lights to turn off after some period of time if no further motion is detected. The exterior lights are already on a time clock turned on during the evening hours and turned off automatically in the middle of the night. I'm expecting that the motion sensor will trigger the input during the evening hours which will then cause the lights to go off before the preset time in the middle of the night. So I want to enable/disable the rule associated with the VCRX input depending on the time of day. I haven't found a way to do this in Ra2 Essentials programming. Am I missing something on the programming side that would make this directly feasible?

    I have an idea for how to do it using a combination of VCRX input and output – take the motion sensor input and run it through an output that's enabled/disabled (close/open) using a timeclock. The output effectively disconnects the motion sensor input except during the hours I want it monitored. Any reasons come to mind as why this wouldn't work?


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    I thought I'd post an update since I've been running this for a few weeks now. Overall, the design works as expected. The first triggering didn't work but after manually (using the app) turning the throttling output on, then off again, it worked as expected. I suspect that may be an artifact of programming and will recheck it next time I update the configuration to see if that needs to be done for every new programming. I started with two motion sensors and plan to expand to the full seven now. Feel free to reach out if you'd like more info on the setup.

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    What motion sensor and time clock are you using?
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