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Thread: Caseta Pro RF Channel selection

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    Question Caseta Pro RF Channel selection

    Hi all, I have a complex installation with several Caseta Pro hubs.

    I have an issue in that all hubs are operating on the same RF channel and so when the channel is in use there is a delay until the channel is available.

    I see that the RadioRA 2 system allows you to program an RF channel / frequency (

    And I see that the technical specs for the Caseta indicate the same range of frequencies are utilized 431 to 437 MHz (

    However, I've not yet found how to set the channel on the Caseta Pro hub to change from the default 0x1A 433.6 MHz

    Has anyone come across this?


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    Hello there! To my understanding, Caseta bridges (and Pro bridges) do not have the ability to set the frequency channel for the system. How close are your bridges to each other? I have not heard of many issues of a delay unless the bridges are very close in proximity to one another.

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