Hi you all,

I carefully read other posts similar to mine, but there is no chance I can make it works

Context: a huge room with 3 standard switches turning off and on at any point.

green (ground)
Black (HOT)

After following instructions and using 1 MACL Maestro 153 M
2 MA Maestro MA R

I had 1 point (MACL) controlling lights the other 2 points (MA-R) acting crazy:

- with lights on set on MACL, they can just dimm lights as long as I keep the button pressed. Once I lift my finger, they go as MACL is set

- with lights off on MACL, they just light a little bit, but when I release finger, they turned off.

After multiple tentatives and a great degree of frustration, I bridged the middle one (4 CABLES) to make things easier:

- So, now with only 1 MACL and 1 MA-R (later on, thinking devices were defective, I bought an MA-RR and a new MACL) I expected it to work, it is not my 1st time and it is not rocket science!!!

NOTHING TO DO. MACL works (changes it) and MA-R or MA-RR are doing the same weird things as above.

Can someone of you please be so kind to tell me what is going on? Where did I make any mistake? I noticed I am not the only one, but apparently I am the only one unable to figure it out...

(And...what is the difference between MA-R and MA-RR?)

IF i could upload pictures, I'd show you.

Please please pretty please 🙏 with infinite gratitude and a 6 packs, perhaps...? :-)

Thank you for any suggestions in advance